B&K reference 30 preamp

I just finished putting together my new home theater system.I am running a b&k reference 30 preamp,ati 2505 amp and all m&k speakers(s125 and a mx350 sub).My question is for anyone out there that uses a B&K reference 30 preamp.It seams like I have to turn the volume up too high to get the sound where I want it(between -14 and -8).On the b&k the volume goes from -96 all the way up to +15.I dont even get any notice able sound til the volume reaches in the -60 range.The amp has plenty of power (250w at 8 ohms).Any one out there that has used a B&K 30 ,what volume range did you do most of your listening.I know there are lots of variables(speakers,cables,amps,dvd players and so on).Thanks
I'm not familiar with your B&K.I was wondering if you need to
change speaker levels on page 28?
Thank you.I set up my system like B&K shows in there manual.I set my meter at 75 db and went through the test.I was just wondering if the volume numbers I mentioned are normal for this preamp.Thanks for the repliey.
Sorry,I wish I had the answer.
I did check page 28 in the b&k manual.And it mentions 75db.I went back and stepped it up to 80 db and it made a huge difference on volume control(15 to 20 on the volume knob).Thank you.Your advise helped me try something new.Thanks again
Sounds great!

I think what you're looking for is on page 61. B&K is one of the most flexible preamps. You can go into the advance menu and set the master volume level so that children can't max the volume and blow your speakers. Go to page 61 and follow the steps slowely until you have the volumn level at max (as loud as you would ever want your speakers) with safty in mind (ear as well as equipment). also, your input sources usually vary quite a bit. See page 41 for setting these evenely so volumn is not geater for one source, than another. You can also set your turn on volumn so that it never comes on too loud. You have an awesome preamplifier, and would have to spend gobs of money to get a better one. Have Fun!