b&k reference 200.7 price?

What would be a good price for this series 1 amp? i have a possible chance to pick one up. i am running b&w 804 in my home theater.... would this be a good match up? i really do jot have the money right now for any Macintosh or other high end amps... about $1,000 is where he is at. Are there something better in that price range? i run 5.1 not 7.
If all channels work..$1k is ideal....I got mine around that price and have been satisfied with my purchase. Your 804's will love you.
Shakedown you run 5.1 or 7.1.... also if you use 5.1 do you biamp? can it be done?
If i go to pick it up any ways to make sure it works correctly besides just making sure all channels put out power?
@Baranowski, what about if you ask the seller to bring the amp to your place to test it? possible?
or bring your own stuff (a source, speakers, wires) this way you will know if its working properly.
I doubt it... he lives about an hour and a half away.... my system is pretty heavy and he doesn't seem that eager. good idea though

My system is a mix at the moment. Mostly 2 channel, but still go to Home Theater from time to time especially for a few choice DVD concerts. My B&K drives my other external speakers via the Pioneer Elite SSP..Side surrounds, Center Channel and my other external speakers throughout house and outdoors via a speaker selector too...Currently got a Coda Integrated that runs my Front L & R speakers for the necessary power and drive plus its able to be bypassed for HT use.

You can Bi-amp but I don't think you will want to when you realize the ability of the B&K to drive your L&R 804 B&Ws plus your center and even your rear channels. You can bi-wire, but I would not suggest it, put your jumpsers in for the speaker terminals and run single wires to and fro....
Why not bi wire? i have heard both sides just want to know your stance
Since i just run 5 channel, i was trying to figure out what to do with the other 2. biamp was just a thought.

I think $1000.00 is just about right but a "minty" 200.7 may bring in $1200.00. As you probably know, gear prices are all over the board these days. The 200.7 is a very nice amp IMO. I have owned B&K mostly for the last 4 to 5 years and have been mostly satisfied. I recently sold my B&K amps and am running (2) Acurus A200FIVE's with my 5.2 Klipsch Reference setup. Considering selling one of my Acurus 5-channels and running just one if I can't find the right 2-channel Acurus. If you are interested in the A200FIVE(very minty), let me know and I will list it here on A-gon for less than the B&K 200.7.

just noticed you are a bill as well. acurus is not a brand that i am familiar with, i havent really read anyone pairing it up with b&w 's before... Do you like the sound better than the b&k you used to use?
Thank you
I have found no sonic differences in the bi-wire mode...As long as you have good connection between your binding posts, jump them with your jump plates or wire. I have found a good sonic difference when I bi-amped my B&W's and I would consider that avenue with your extra connections to your main L & R.
B&K is out of business, so repairs can be an issue. I think some former employee(s) are doing service, but I have not seen anything about that recently.

I have a 200.7 for a home theater and it is a real powerhouse. However, it can be bright for 2 channel music. I believe the 804's can also tend to be bright, so it might not make a great match for 2 channel music. But, the brightness can be an asset for movies, if you like big explosions.

I also have an ATI 1806 which I actually prefer to the B&K. It does not have balanced inputs and has 20 watts less power (which is pretty meaningless). I think a 5 channel 1805 should be around $1,000.

I would also look at Parasound. You can find them in your price range and I think they are better balanced that the B&K, although I have never owned one. Maybe something like a HCA 2205.

Rotel are also available, although I would stay away from them. There are better options at the price.
A Proceed Amp 5 is also an option, although at somewhat more money. This is an early Levinson design.

People seem to also like the Emotiva line. You can get a new XPA-5 for less than $1,000. I have not heard one, but they get good reviews and people here seem to really like them.
"Do you like the sound better than the b&k you used to use?"


Overall with my Klipsch Reference RF-63's, I do like the sound better than my with my B&K's. More midbass punch, and really detailed in the highs. IMO, Acurus amps(2nd generation)are spot on neutral compared to the B&K's which have a "warmish" tone. With my Klipsh Heritage speakers, I lean toward the B&K's. If your B&W's have a brighter signature, I think either would work but maybe the B&K will match better.

The emotiva xpa 5 is only $810.00 brand new? should i be happy or scared of an amp in that price? also i was reading that my 804s might go down to the 3 ohm range for a second or two should i make sure my amp can as well?
Take a look at the review of the xpa 5 in Stereophile. There is a link on the Emotiva web page for the amp. It was written by Kal Rubinson. He is a good reviewer and not prone to heap praise on everything he reviews. He compares it to a Bryston, which is a nice amp. I think it is also a Stereophile "B" Recommended Product. Emotiva has a forum on their site. Also search here for comments. Emotiva gets a lot of praise. It also has free shipping and a 30 day return policy, although I am not sure how much the shipping costs end up being if you ship it back. Again, I have no experience with it, but it does seem to be pretty popular.

Pretty much any of the amps you are looking at will do a brief 3 ohm. Look at the power rating at 4 ohm versus 8 ohm for an idea of their ability to go low. Ideally they should "double down" which means their rating is twice at much at 4 ohm as at 8 ohm. Most amps in this price range will not do that but it does give an idea of power reserve.

The Emotiva amps have high gain, something like 31 dB, which may be a problem if you pre-amp also has high gain.
My Acurus A200FIVE has shown no issues with my RF-63's sub 3 ohm dips. The 200.7 with it's 1500VA toroidal and 150,000++ microfareds of capacitance should have no problem with the B&W's low impedence dips.

I am currently running a pioneer elite and i would use it with the pre outs to a stand alone amp
Found an anthem p5... what would be a good price to get that for?
I would guess anywhere from $2500.00 to $4000.00 would be about right for a used P5 unless you meant a PVA-5 and that would be around $650.00. The P5 has been out for at least 8 years so used prices will have a big range. Remember too, the P5 is huge, 22.5 inches deep and 130 lbs.

How does it rate as far as the other amps we have been speaking of?
From my understanding, the Anthem P5 Statement is in another class than the 200.7 and A200FIVE, but also in a completely different price bracket at $5000.00++. I am sure the P5 will handle any load any speaker can throw at it. The B&K, Acurus, and Anthem are all very good amps in their price points. IMO, if the 804's have a tendency to sound bright, maybe the B&K with it's warmish tone and somewhat rolled off highs is the better match. Just my opinion.

Willand - my experience is that the highs on the B&K are bright, not warmish and rolled off. I know others have said that, but that is not my experience.

With my Klipsch Reference towers and Heritage speakers, I think my B&K's tamed the highs a bit, a little too much with the Reference towers and just perfectly with the Heritage.

Going to go and look at an anthem statement p5 tomorrow.. do i just listen to it and if it works then that is good or should i check something?
thank you
Should i worry about the p5 putting out 325 watts a side at 8 ohms. when the max on my speaker is 200? am i going to blow up my speakers?
When I go look at a piece of gear, I request the seller let me open up the hood so I can look for burn marks, capacitor leaks, and solder joint breaches. I test each channel with a small speaker that I bring along with me.

No worries about rated power vs speaker power rating, unless you get really stupid crazy with the volume knob. Set a max power on volume and max volume on your preamp and eliminate all worries.

Willand - just shows that synergy between amp and speakers is important. On my Sonus Faber Grand Piano and especially on my Cremona the 200.7 was just too harsh at anything other than modest volume. Went to a Levinson 432 and solved the problem, although as a very different price point. I just wanted the OP to be aware of my experience. He is looking at a Anthem now, which I think will be a step up from the B&K.
Optimally, you want to hear it with your pre-amp and speakers. Maybe if it checks out OK where you audition it, get an agreement to take it home and check it out in your setup. That is a pretty common request for local purchases.

And as Willard said, set your max volume on the pre-amp to be sure.
No preempt yet.... just going to use my pioneer elite 92txh as the pre... so i do not really know how to set.the volume on it.
Bill thanks for your suggestions on what you look for. sounds like a great idea.
I do not see a max volume setting in the manual for your Pioneer, other than the settings to balance the 6 channels. But, as long as you keep the volume down, you will be fine. I have a 400 watt amp driving :200 watt" speakers with no issue using a Yamaha receiver. It will be way to loud long before you get to the limit of the speaker.

One thing you do need to test is if the overall gain is so large that you hardly get to move the volume level above the lowest setting. But, most receivers have pretty good control at the low level settings of the volume knob.

Good luck. The Anthem should be a good stop up from the other options.
Thank you... i hope that the sound quality is so much improved that it will be an obvious upgrade. besides the amp not working as it should that is my only fear. i know people say that separates make a HUGE difference i hope that it a true statement.
I just got the anthem statement p5... started a new thread. thank you for all your help. on to the next one!