B K Ref 70 vs. Integra 80.1 in 2 channel

I would like to know if anyone has compared the Ref 70 and the Integra 80.1 in two channel audio. I read that many believed the Ref 70 to be superior to the 9.8 and 9.9. I also read the 80.1 is superior to its predecessors. If anyone has compared an Anthem AVM 50 to either of these, I would love to hear how it compares.
Best thing is to find a dealer that knows what he is doing to match the right things.

B&K amps are better sounding than their pre-amps. The Pre-amps are flexible.

They all sound brighter than most pre-amps and rather digital sounding so you need to tone it down with a warm amp or warm speakers.

AVM-50 has a great video section. Pre-pros that are better sounding and great for 2 channel is Classe, Parasound Halo, and Arcam.
Thanks Referenceaudiovideosec