b&k ref 70 proesser

does this rate with krell hts7.1 or halcro ssp100?
For pure sonics the Halcro is exceptional and hard to beat. (So is the new Sim but costs a bit much)
Jeez, I hope so. B&K is entry level mid-fi at best. When I was entry level and definitely mid-fi, I had a Ref 20 and 3 mono-blocks I purchased without an audition. If I recall they lasted about 3 months...I just had to get rid of them...

I think the Krell is about top of the heap in HT processing...

Good luck and no offense intended...John
My thoughts: The B&K are undervalued in the market. Krell is overvalued. Halcro is at the top 10% of the entire market. So, not really a fair comparison.

Krell HTS 7.1 was released in late 2001, early 2002 if I recall, at a list price of $8000. Much has changed since then......but still a nice piece.

The Halcro was released in mid-2006 if memory serves me, at a list price of 10-12K, depending on the configuration. Again a bit dated, but like the Krell, a nice piece.

The B&K Ref-70 is the latest processor for them, so you are getting all the latest in HDMI switching, HD-Audio processing, and a few other features you would not get in a 3 or 7 year old processor, at a list price of $3800.

If all were equal price, I would choose the Halcro, as it has great audio, and I would forgo the need for HD-Audio formats on BluRay.
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