B&K Ref. 30 Problem

I mistakenly posted this under Misc. as a Ref. 20 problem so I'm re-posting under Home Theater.

I recently purchased this processor to replace a Lexicon processor that died. It may be an interim step while I decide if I want to invest in a new processor with HDMI. I do not run a center channel and have the B&K setup for 2 front and 2 surround. My problem is that I’m unable to get center channel information through the front L&R speakers using the digital outputs from either my Fios box or BD player. My BD has 5.1 out so I setup the B&K that way playing movies and center channel information comes through loud and clear. My Fios box does not have 5.1 so I’m forced to use the audio digital outs. Video for both Fios and BD is through HDMI direct to the TV. I never had a problem setting up a phantom center with my other processor(s) and did not change any settings on the Fios box or BD digital outs while setting up the B&K, so it appears to be something in the B&K.

Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting procedure or a particular setting for the B&K to correct the problem?
Loomis, also:

2.1 Get center channel info. through front L&R this way. Also get center channel info. through front L&R when I listen through digital connection in stereo.
so you've set the b&k to "no center" and, when your sources are connected to the analogue ins (whether rca or 5.1)the b&k is acting correctly. however, when you're sources are connected digitally, for whatever reason your b&k is reading "no center" incorrectly and is sending the center info to the center channel (except digital connection in stereo mode, when the b&k acts correctly). ergo, it seems that your b&k processor is malfunctioning when it's in "surround mode"--this is evidenced by the fact that even tho you've set it to "no center" when you connected a center speaker the b&k actually sent the center info to the center speaker.
if you'd humor me, please:
try using your current setup w/digital connection in "thx" mode--do you still get no center info?
if our conclusion is right, two possible workarounds:
1. get a center channel, since the b&k seems to be sending center info there even though you've setup for no center; or
2. use the analog inputs instead of the digital ones since these seem to work correctly; you could add a dac to your sources to improve the sound.
interesting problem--please report back
Loomis, I'll send you a case of Good Humor's (choice of flavor) if you solve this for me :-). Your understanding of my problem is exactly right. Also, already tried "thx", still no center info:.

Regarding the workarounds:

Already thought about adding a center speaker, but really don't want to. No room; would need an additional amp; and would give the wife one more thing to bitch about; and

Already doing #2 in a sense by playing in stereo instead of surround through digital input.

I normally don't listen to TV (Fios) through my HT set-up since it is a combo 2ch/tube system. So its not the end of the world if I can't figure this out. As an aside, what I just noticed yesterday when watching the football games is that when the commercials come-on, typically the center channel information is there in surround. When the announcers come back on, center channel info. disappears to the point the dialogue is VERY muted. Again this is when playing through digital/surround. Dialogue seems fine through digital/stereo (or mono).
i think what you're getting in surround mode isn't center info, but the portion of the dialogue that gets normally summed to the L/R in the course of digital processing--the fact that it's much louder during the commercials is attributable to the fact that volume during commercials is normally amped up to obnoxiously deafening levels.
ergo, the b&k's processor is deranged--i wouldn't invest in fixing it, since it's easy to find a new (used) unit for a couple hundo. it does sound like you could connect with just rca and still use surround mode. sorry i couldn't be more helpful.
Marco1, Have you set the Favorite Speakers to 4 (page 40 of the Owner’s Manual)?