B&K Ref. 30 Problem

I mistakenly posted this under Misc. as a Ref. 20 problem so I'm re-posting under Home Theater.

I recently purchased this processor to replace a Lexicon processor that died. It may be an interim step while I decide if I want to invest in a new processor with HDMI. I do not run a center channel and have the B&K setup for 2 front and 2 surround. My problem is that I’m unable to get center channel information through the front L&R speakers using the digital outputs from either my Fios box or BD player. My BD has 5.1 out so I setup the B&K that way playing movies and center channel information comes through loud and clear. My Fios box does not have 5.1 so I’m forced to use the audio digital outs. Video for both Fios and BD is through HDMI direct to the TV. I never had a problem setting up a phantom center with my other processor(s) and did not change any settings on the Fios box or BD digital outs while setting up the B&K, so it appears to be something in the B&K.

Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting procedure or a particular setting for the B&K to correct the problem?
I just sent a reply for your Ref20 post. What I said was to try setting your center channel to 'No' to cause the Ref30 to generate a phantom center. Good luck.
Thanks Noble. Center is already set to "None" in an attempt to generate the phantom center. That's my dilemma. Still will not process the center information to the Front left and right speakers.

Sorry, should have read your post more closely, thought I was onto something. You have the bluray hooked up to the 5.1 inputs and the Fios box hooked to the digital input and you're having the same problem through both input types.
I'm stumped right now but I'll reply again if I think of anything. Thanks.
intuitively, it sounds like a setup issue, but:
1. with the digital connections, are you currently getting sound through your 2 surrounds or only your fronts?
2. exactly what audio mode are you using on your b&k (surround, thx,dvd audio?).
1. try connecting only 2ch rca analog from your bd/fios to your b&k analog inputs and playing in surround mode. do you get center info?
3. are you connecting the fios to the tv input on your b&k? the manual says "if you have source with only digital output don't connect it to tv"
4. are you having the same issue with digital coax as you are with digital optical?
5. have you tried disconnecting the hdmi cable from your bd/fios and playing audio only? what happens?
6. in your current set up, have you tried connecting one of your speakers to the center? what happens?