B&K ref 30 on screen display

I recently purchased a Ref 30 preamp. Except for DVD Audio, the on screen display reads "DVD Analog 2.0 48k" even when I'm watching a D.D.or DTS DVD. The processor is in either surround 6 or 7. I get sound from all 5 or 7 speakers. I have a Digital coax interconnect from the DVD player to the B&K for audio. Does this seem right. I would think the display would read DVD digital 5.1 48k. and yes the player is set to outout the digital bitstream and I go into the DVD disc menu and choose either DD 5.1 or DTS. I had a Sony EP9ES before the B&K and it would tell you if the digital bitstream was 5.1 (3/2 on display) or 2 channel digital(2.0) on display. Any other B&K owners have this display? Thanks Don
I have a Ref 30 and no, I have never seen this display when in DD or DTS mode. Have you called your dealer or B & K? Good luck!
I've got ref 30 and my display changes with whatever source I'm using. suggest you takk to Jerry at B&K, he knows the product and is good guy to talk to. Kinda hard to get off the phone sometimes.