B&K Ref 200.2 Amp and Ref 5 S2 v2.09 Preamp

Would like a general consensus of the two pieces above (B&K Ref 200.2 Amp and Ref 5 S2 v2.09 Preamp). Which other names that make solid state equipment are in the same group as B&K Components? Is B&K Components regarded as higher end than Parasound, Rotel, Musical Fidelity, Krell, Bryston, McCormack, Classe, etc.? I am looking for electronics to match my B&W 803S speakers. I don't want to go overboard in price but would like to invest in something that is not going to greatly depreciate in value several years from now. I know McIntosh for one, holds its value very well in the used market.
B&K Components in recent years seems to be targeting the HT market and custom installers. I like the fact that they are still made in the US. I would guess that most folks on this forum would rank all the other manufacturers you listed above B&K, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't do a fine job powering your speakers. I have no idea how well they hold their value.

I've owned Rotel, Krell, Bryston and ATI. The nice thing about Bryston is the 20 year transferrable warranty. ATI also has a transferrable warranty (7 years). That can help on the used market.
I own B&W Matrix 804's and use the B&K Ref 4420 power amp, use Musical Design SP1 pre. The 4420 is a smooth amp with the B&W's and supplies 200 wpc like the 200.2 you are looking at. I also have a Rotel RB1080 200 wpc and have found it to be more metallic or digital in sound. The real test is to listen for some time to see if you have listening fatigue.
I kept the B&K Ref 4420 since it sounded more like a tube amp but still has quick dynamics and solid bass.
Best of luck in your audio nirvana in audio.