B&K PT3 or AVP-3090 to replace Linn Wakonda?

I recently sold my Wakonda as part of a sale of a Knekt sytem, and now I need to replace the preamp. I had the Wakonda preamping my Aragon 4004 and powering Maggies and an M&K Sub. I am currently using a Rotel RC-1070 in place of the Linn. Overall it has a good sound, actually a bit warmer than the Linn, but the high end seems less open. I am considering replacing the Rotel and have looked at a used B&K PT3 or even an AVP-3090 processor to replace the Rotel vs getting an Aragon Soundstage which has been reported to have an excellent preamp stage but would also be considerably more expensive. Any thoughts or experience with either of the B&K units? Thanks, Steve
I used a PT3 II for a year or two. Overall it was a decent, warm sounding preamp. Very flexible w/ a great remote. Make in America, if that matters to you. The tuner section in it, to be blunt, sucks. I sold it for my Krell integrated. I like the Krell better overall, but I miss some of the warmth of the B&K. Not familiar w/ the other unit you mention.
I have a PT 3 II running through a B&K Ref 4420 and Vandersteen 2CE sigs. Beat the heck out of a Sunfire reference preamp. Strong bass, open warm midrange, nuetral highs. Great for the bucks....

I have the AVP3090. I found it to be and still is an excellent pre-amp. It lacks some of the newer bells and whistles that most of the current home theater recievers/pre-amps have like component video switching/transcoding, DPLIIx, etc. I replaced mine with a reciever that had these bells and whistles in my home theater for convience but the AVP3090 does flat out sound better. I am at odds on whether to keep the AVP3090 or sell the reciever.