B&K preamps Pro 5, CS 117 verses Hafler DH 110

Hi A few questions on B&K
How do the various B&K preamps compare soundwise??
The Pro 5 the CS 117? How do these compare to the Hafler DH 110??
Did the CS 117 come with phono or did you have to buy a seperate board??
Did B&K make a preamp or tuner preamp with remote and phono??
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I've limited info. Owned the Pro 5 and it was nice sounding, however not the last word in detail or soundstage. Would give the nod to the Hafler for that. However, the B&K Pro 10 or Sonata (I believe with separate power supply) was quite good. Don't believe any of them have remote. Not familiar with CS 117.
Cant speak for the Hafler, but the Pro 10 Sonata was better than 117 to these ears (owned both).
I had a B&K MC101 (basically a Pro 10 Sonata with tone controls that can be bypassed). It did have a separate power supply and really impressed me with build quality, and good sound quality relative to price - $250 used.
I agree with the above comment - not last word in sound stage or detail. However, can't be too critical given price point. Throw in an Emotiva XPA-200 amp and some older M series Mirage speakers and you have a very decent system at bargain basement prices.
Owned a Pro-10 from 1985-2010. Sold it here on AG for $225 when it was time for a new system. Never a problem and sounded great with MM/LOMC capability.