B&K preamp/tuners.....

Not much feedback on these units...but I do see them popping up used often...any thoughts on sound qualily/build?
I have several B&K components, including a AVP3090 Pre/Pro. I love it. Rock solid build, sounds great in Stereo passthrough as well as 5.1 (DD and DTS). Customer Service at B&K is also fantastic. It doesn't have a tuner, so I can't comment on their tuners. Their power amps are also excellent.

I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for, but price/value for the used B&K components you're seeing is very good in my experience.
I once owned a PT-3 preamp/tuner. Thought it was great for the money. The build quality is excellent. The features were great. The tuner was only so so. I still prefer those old analog tuners.
Ditto 'dreams. US-made [hello Buffalo!], very solid engineering and construction. But I could not live with that spring-loaded volume control, too stiff and highly non-ergonomic, imo. I also thought the menu options were confusing, trying to do too much w/ too few controls. This was an early processor, later units were supposedly plug and play. I still have an amp of theirs; again, very solid build, and the sonics are quite good, esp. the lower registers. They've been around awhile, testament to their product line and ability to reinvent themselves, albeit at the altar of HT.
I bought a used B&K Ref. 20 preamp/processor/tuner here on Audiogon for $600($2500 new). It's a very good unit but agree with Tripper on the volume control not being user friendly. Still use it for surround (the processor is very good) but incorporated a tubed preamp for 2-channel use. B&Ks are good bargains used. They're very smooth, well built and musical but not especially detailed. Definite step up from mass market.
I had a PT3 Series 2 pre/tuner for a few months. The sound seemed warm and musical at the time. I liked the loudness button that boosted the high and low fequencies at low volumes. However, until I tried other components I didn't realize how much I was missing. Still the quality of what I heard was good for the $$$...

I currently still use a B&K PT3 as an alternative to a tube preamp. Mine has a solid gold color faceplate & it has the look of a well built preamp. There are no mechanical knobs on this unit to wear out & the sound is sweet, detailed, & open. It sounds excellent on my McCormack amp & a Belles 150A Reference amp & puts me in full control with its full function multi-task remote. I love it! B&K offers some very good products & they are designed & built in the USA.