B&K Preamp Question / Help

looking for some help on my 2-channel setup current system is JBL L80T3 speakers (recapped), B&K ST2140 power amp, using a NAD C320BEE as a preamp, a Music Fidelity V-LPS phono stage on a separate power supply for a Yamaha YP-D8 TT have an opportunity to maybe get a B&K Pro10MC preamp was wondering if those of you out there who know more about this stuff than me if going to the B&K preamp would be an improvement in sound over my current setup any feedback appreciated thanks in advance.
I have had a lot of different B&K components and still have some of them. It's quality gear that's a very good value.

I'm not familiar with the Pro10 (I had the Pro5) nor the C320BEE) but can't imagine that the Pro10 wouldn't be a significant improvement over using the preamp from any mid range Integrated amp. The PRo10 has an excellent reputation.