b&k M200 mono amps over soundcraftsmen 5002


i have a soundcraftsmen 5002 driving my bass colums of my infinity 1b's. they sound great!! plenty of power for them and the amp dosent even break a sweat. i have a b&k 202+ for the mid/high panel and it also does very well. i have a chance to buy m200 monos and use on the bass panels. would this be an improvment over the 5002?? i hear these do well in the bass area. any thoughts??
the M200s will probably drive the bass columns nicely but I can't say how it will compare to the 5002. I really like the M200s (I have 3 pairs of them), but the most remarkable thing about them is the overall balance, and the mid/high performance. As for bass, they are really nice, but don't jump out at me as a bass amp. That said, if it were me, I'd buy the the M200s anyway. Then you can see for yourself how they compare to the 5002. If you like the 5002 better, use the M200s on the Mid/Tweets. I'm pretty certain you'll like it better than the 202+. I've owned many B&K amps and none are as nice as M200's.
In my opinion, Mr Gregory has given you very solid advice, I too have an old pair of 200's kicking around, but I can't bring myself to sell them.
thank you guys, i will take your advice and give it a shot. i will say though, the 5002 is one tough cookie. it powered my infinity 2b's bottom end for 15 years and worked very well. i once swiched over to the 202+ for the bass and the bass output was cut in half. im not sure why,the soundcraftsmen has only a little more power then the 202+. i wasent expecting that. i dident think there was going to be really a difference at all. but it was like night and day, can anybody explain that??
I can't explain it, but I expect some of the techies here may shed light. I can tell you that ** in my experience **, rated power output has little to do with quality of bass produced by amps.

Some amps I've owned seem to boost bass response (Parasound, Phase Linear, and others), while others have subdued bass (B&K, Conrad Johnson, Ayre). note - keep in mind my experience is with limited models of the brands I'm citing. The two brands I felt produced the tightest, most balanced bass were Bedini (100.100), and Electron Kinetics Eagle 2. The Eagle 2 has iron fisted bass control and response - the nicest of amps I've heard. Another note - this is based on my experience in my home, my system.