B & K EX-442 Sonata Series Owners Manual


I am looking for the owners manual for my EX-442. Can someone point me in the right direction? 



I was also unable to find a manual for the Sonata series EX 442 in several persistent googling sessions.  As close as I got was the link provided be bkeske.

I have since moved on to another amp, but the B&K amp and preamp treated me well for over a dozen years.


Thanks for the reply but I am looking for the EX-442 Sonata Series owners manual. I am not having any luck in my search on Google or anywhere else. 

Yea, sorry, did that pretty fast, and didn't realize it was a 4420, not a 422.

@imhififan may have provided all that is availiable.

Not much to an amp (operational-wise) unless you are trying to find specific info outside normal operation,

200 WPC at 8 ohms, 350 WPC at 4 ohms. Mosfet output.

Cannot find dampening for the 442, but B&K typically have very good dampening factor.

I’ve had a couple, still have one in a second system, and a real fan of B&K amps. Good tone, somewhat warm, but overly so. For the money, hard to beat. Downside? They no longer exist.

BTW, the schematics are available on-line. Not sure that will help you, but always nice to have if any repair is necessary.