B&K AVR307 used or other new AVR?

Interested in opinions about the B&K 307 vs. new, other brand HT receivers in the $800 price range. Lots of power and all the features that I can imagine wanting. But I realize that this being my first HT, I may one day miss some of the new bells and whistles on today's current crop. Sound in two channels is a strong consideration. The used price of the B&K seems like extraordinary value. Will power Totem Dreamcatcher 5.1 system. Thanks to all.

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Frogman, Your totems are very good speakers. In the $800.00 range, anything in that price range will drive ur speakers. However, when it comes to 2-channel music, not all $800 receivers will give u a good musical presentation like the B&K will give u. The B&K AVR 307 will drive the Forrest (the floor standing speaker by Totem) is required...and it will drive them good...better than anything you can get for $800 on the market today. My recommendation, the B&K!!!