B & K AVR 507 S II or Sunfire Ultimate Receiver II

I have basically narrowed down my selection to one of these two HT receivers. I really do not have the space or the funds to go separates right now. SO, I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with these two units.Thanks for your reply.
what gear do you have?
I am probably going to have the Monitor Audio RS8 Silver 5.0 speaker system with a B & W ASW 750 sub. I am waiting for the fall-out of Blu-ray vs. HD DVD to pick a good player. I have about $ 4,500 to spend on either a receiver or MC amp/PROC combo, although I would be happy to not have to spend this much. My former two channel system was a Bryston 4B-SST amp with BP-26DA Pre-amp, Ayre CX-7e CD player, with Audio Physic Avanti 3 speakers. I sold this to pay for a new roof and then new AC/Heating unit for home. I would like a system that is good with either movies or music.