B&K AVR 505S2 Replacement

I have enjoyed my B&K AVR505S2 for 8 years.  I had to replace a fried board about two years ago after a lightening storm.  Just happened again after a power surge, eventhough i have a surge protector.  Last time cost me $500-$600.  I think it may be time to replace it given that there are few shops to repair it.  I run Sonus Faber Grand Pianos with this amp.  Use it 60/40 for video/music.  I love the sound when it is working.  Any recommendations on good used equipment for less than $1000 that will give me similar sound and quality?  I know that Arcam has good equipment.  Any specific recommendations?  Other brands?
if you don't need all the latest codecs and dsp junk the b&k is hard to beat for sound quality--you can get another used one on ebay very inexpensively. if you want something more modern, you can find an anthem (510/710 etc.) in your range--they're vg sounding pieces.

I looked up the specs. for the Domus Grand Piano Speakers and they are a 4 ohm load. You will need to insure that the receiver you purchase supports 4 ohm speakers. Many do not, but most high end receivers should. However, I remember looking up specs for the Anthem receivers and I could not find any documentation that said they supported 4 ohm speakers. On the rear panel of the Anthem 710, by the speaker connections, it says 8 Ohm with no mention of 4 ohm. The Anthem seems like a great receiver, but I would want to confirm they support 4 ohm speakers before purchasing one.