B&K AVR 307 Repair or replace??

I have a 5.1 basic system with a B&K AVR 307 and M&K speaakers and sub. The reciever has 7 channels but I have 2 dedicated to my patio zone 2. It's served be well for 10 or so years. I don't use the receiver alot (surround system), but it's been great. Lately I've developed a buzzing sound inside the box, even when off (sleep mode). When I power it up the noise comes through the speakers as well. When I push the away button, lower front panel Rt. side. (the button used if your on vacation, et.) the noise stops. It's probably a power supply issue. B&K is no longer in business but a new company called 'Eastern Elite Audio Video' will troubleshoot the unit. Apparently they are former B&K people. My question is: Would it be practical to box this big 'ol unit up and send it to them in New York or get a new reciever? They charge $95.00 evaluation fee and $85.00 per hour to repair it, parts as required. If it's one of those 3 torridal transformers gone bad some real $$$ to fix. I paid around 2K for it, but we get alot more bang for the buck nowadays. Any opinions or recommendations on a new unit ($1500.00-2000.00)? I'd sure appreciate it and thanks... Respond via forum or sloday@swbell.net.
It might be cheaper just to pick up another used B&K unit. I see on their web site they were bought out by ATI. Did you contact them? jeff@ati-amp.com
Last I knew ATI was doing nothing with the B&K line, which is sad. Eastern Elite seems to be the go to place for repairs. I believe the guy there used to run the B&K service division. I doubt that anything in the current $1,500 range sound as good as your B&K for sound quality, although clearly the digital capabilities (like HDMI, DTS and Dolby high rez audio) are not current. If sound quality is a major issue for you I would think about sending it to Eastern Elite for evaluation. If all you want is an everyday sound quality with zone 2, then look at the various Japaneses options (like Yamaha) in the $500 to $700 range