B&K AVR 307 receiver + B&K Ref 200.7 Amp

I have the B&K AVR 307 receiver which is 150x7 watt/channel
and was considering using the B&K Ref 200.7 amp with it. Thus the receiver would then just become my processor. Will I notice an improvement in sound or am I just stepping sideways and not going forward. I would like a neutral amp which is more laid back and not so forward.
Eventually I will get a new processor and combine with whatever amp I have.

Even though B&K receivers pack a really nice amp section, adding a B&K outboard amp(200w/ch) has to be an improvement. Your 307 puts out 28 amps of current(peak to peak) while the 200.7 puts out 75 amps of current(peak to peak). That equates to over 2 1/2 times the amount of current to drive low impedence loads if need be. I am not speaking from direct experience with your exact setup but from the data it sure seems like it would be at least a slight overall improvement. I say do it. I have a 3 channel B&k Ref. 4430(200w/ch) amp and it improved my setup by leaps and bounds.

I was running a B&K 507 with an external amp (Halcro MC50) amp. That made a very significant difference as the Halcro was much more detailed, dynamic and refined. That's no knock on B&K. They make truly incredible products for the money and I am a big fan. Indeed, the Halcro amp was almost 3x the cost of the B&K reciever.

What you proposes does not strike me as very cost efficient. Using a B&K external amp will get you from a slight increase in power. You will not, however, see an enormous improvement. I believe that B&K that would tell you the same, but I suggest calling them anyway.

A really good set of interconnects and, I mean really good, like the Synergistic Tesla series, would change the equation, but that would run you some serious cash. One way to go would be to upgrade your power cord. A good cord can make a world of difference. You can even make one yourself for not that much money. Check out Chris' VH Audio site for details. These days of course, cash is King and you can get pretty much what you want on the Gon at a big discount.

I would probably start with your power cord. Another alternative is two buy two amps, one really good two or three channel unit less expensive one for your front speakers and one for your rears or rears and center. That would be the most musical. A used Halcro 2 channel MC20 is reasonably priced and would rock your world.

i would move to separates anyway. if you intend on progressing with the hobby, you will get there anyway and when you upgrade, you can do so only for one component at a time.

Hope that helps.

I though of doing the same when I owned the 307 and contacted B&K, they felt the improvement would not support the cost. I latter sold the 307 and bought ARAGON seperates (stage one and 2007) the change is a large improvement in all aspects.