B&K and Vandersteen Good match??

I am playing with some Vandersteen 2CEs again and have a B&k 1400 II and am waiting for a PT 3 to arrive. It occured to me that Vandersteens tend to be a little dark and my past experinece with B&K amps has shown them to be a little dark. Is this a possible bad matchup? Have not used a B&K preamp yet. Thanks
If I had Vandersteen 2Cs I would buy an Audio Research Clasic 60 and Audio Research SP-14 and live happily ever after. Oh, you might want to add a Vandersteen 2W subwoofer later on.
The great thing about that speaker is that it sounds very good with all kinds of amps. I have driven it with 28 tube watts and 300 SS watts. Still sounds great as long as the source and electronics are quality.
I have owned Vandersteen 2C's with B&K amplification and I did not like them together. As you say two darker sounding components don't match. They don't sound terrible but I ended up getting rid of the B&K stuff. I have heard Vandersteens with Audio Research tube amplification and they were a great match albeit at a higher cost. If they are in your price range....
Cannot afford that kind of gear Am in the Rotel, NAD,Denon, HK ,B&K world. Also considering a friends Von Schweikert VR 2s or Infinity Kappa 7.1s Thanks
NAD or PSE Studio amp would run $300-$400 used or
ARC D 200 amp $750ish
Pre amp Used Audible illusions 2D or M3 350 to 750
with Vandersteen 2CEs series set up right will sing with the magic they are capable. Read the Vandy Manual for best results.
JohnnyR Vandy dealer