B&K and Magneplanar MMG?

Has anyone attempted matching a B&K ST-140 with the MMG? At 105W/ch, the B&K is stable into 8 ohms, but I don't know how it would react to a 4 ohm load. My trusty B&K has been a workhorse for many years, and I wish to keep it in my system. My speakers, however, need replacement and I'm intrigued with the offer from Magnepan for the MMGs.
I have owned B&K 140 and EX442. I also own MMG. Do yourself a great big favor. Replace the B&K at the same time. I think the B&K amps are the single most over-rated products in the audio world. I have, over the years, accumulated a pair of Classe DR9 amps, bridged to mono, into first MMG and now 1.6QR. A single DR9 or Krell KSA80B (my rear channel amp on the MMG's since receiving the 1.6QR) will perform magic. If I had to choose between 1.6QR on a B&K or MMG on a Classe DR9, I'd take the latter in a heartbeat. Dual DR9 mono into 1.6QR has the system to the point where I don't think I can confidently improve it without risking degradation. What I haven't preached about yet is the preamp. It is the most important component, in my book. Get a good preamp. Everything in my system except MMG were purchased used. I have $30k (new) that I paid $6K. I have the best $6k system I can imagine. Sam Tellig was on my s**t list for years because of his (in my opinion) mis-guided raves about B&K. Because you can buy used, you can do much, much better.
B & K products can GREATLY benefit from some simple modifications and upgrades. The VERY FIRST ST-140 was a top notch amplifier and was the product that garnered the most raves. These were rated at 70 wpc @ 8 ( 2 X 70 = 140 ) and were quite limited in production. The latter models switched from an old "iron core E & I" transformer to the "more modern & efficient" toroidal design with an increase in power output. Like most other small companies that get flooded with massive orders in a short period of time, they cut corners and changed production on the units to make them both cheaper and easier to produce. For all of the products AFTER the first ST-140's, that's how ALL of the production was done. Nonetheless, the basic design is sound and can easily be worked to a much greater level of performance relatively easily and inexpensivily IF your handy with a soldering iron. Sean >