b&k amps

the b&k reference 200.1 monoblocs how + where do they rate in the world of monoblocs?
I'm not familiar with the 200.1's but would expect them to rate well. I've had many of the older B&K units and a few of the newer ones (early 2000's) and like all of them. I still have a pair of M200 Sonatas and haven't found anything as good for twice the price.

One thing you get with B&K is bulletproof build quality and top grade support and service. As with all electronics, sound quality is in the ear of the beholder. They tend to be pretty well balanced/neutral sounding. Not boomy, not bright, sort of on the warm side.
Were talikin value here, not absolutes. For the money you can do a whole lot worse and be hard pressed to find their better for the power they offer.
Love my B&K Reference 4430 200w 3channel. Very neutral. Mates very well with Klipsch speakers(KG4's and RF-63's). Built like a bomb shelter. Cool running. Very good used prices. Built in the USA.

Talikin? I meant talking of course and they are built well in the USA!!
Dave - Can you explain your comment on Krell abandoning their principles in favor of euro guidelines. Thanks, Andy