B&K amps- Compared to ...........

How do you feel B&K amplifiers compare to other manufacturers.
Do you think they are on par with Rotel?
Or are they more like Classe or Bryston?

From my impressions, some say far better than Rotel, some say on par, some say worse - so call that a comparable ; )

As for Classe and Bryston, I would guess most find those brands a little more accomplished, and accordingly (and sometimes much moreso) -- pricier.

All are different - even the Canadians differ from one another appreciably, from what I've read in the forums. There are several people here who could illuminate that difference for you. I'm not one of them.

As for B&K, it all depends on which B&K amp you're looking at. Their products have very different voices over the years. I've owned and would recommend to a varying degree different models from all eras, but I like the oldest the best - and that's not nostalgia, the ST140 in my basement is everyday testament to the fact that my ears didn't hear wrong (the other B&Ks have come and gone, and never matched it sonically.) I just bought an ST1430 series II for my brother (a nice basic 3channel), and while it sounds very good, it's appreciably thinner and less lush than the ST140. I also had a Reference 4420 - somewhat of a powerhouse, but lacking the finer elements of grace, clarity, and grip.

Then again, the older amps are, well, older. Caps and the like don't last forever, and while many specimens of the older amps are just fine now, some are not, and are you willing to pay to rebuild a low-priced amp from over a decade ago? I love the ST140, but from my peanut gallery, it's not a knee-jerk recommendation anymore based only on its age.
Mwilson hit it on the head in just about every aspect. I've noticed the same thing in terms of the voicing of B&K products over the years. Other than that, they have very good customer service, especially if you can talk / deal with Jerry. Sean
I love the sound of old mono M200 Sonata. So sweet but plenty of raw massive power. It can drive anything and do it so sweetly. On top of that what a bargain.