B&K amplifier Fans

Hi, I have been using a B&K st202 amplifier and the sound is very involving/pleasing to me. I would like to hear from others on B&K stereo amplifiers and there evolutions I understand my amplifier is one of there earlier models.
Thanks, (Vienna Bachs, Adcom preamp,Radio Roku)
search the archives on B&K and you'll find many discussions on your point. I've voiced my opinion many a time - am a big fan, and there are a fair number on this site. I've had many B&K amps and preamps. I still use a pair of mod'd M200 Sonata monoblocks in my main system and lover them. Mine are late 80's vintage.
I agree with Bdgregory, as I was also a b&k M200 sonata user;driving merlin 4b+'s the sound was excellant;sold them for a pair of vtl 225 monoblocks.
I owned M200 Sonatas also and they were great amps, they're one of those components I wish I didn't sell. I use a B&K ST 2140 for my second audio zone and it sounds great and has served me well. My father still gets a lot of enjoyment out of his Ref 20 and 5x105 ch B&K amp. B&K gear is hard to beat for the money.
Need your advise: I just picked up a ST202, which I rather admire. It worked perfectly, then, after swapping out speaker cables, it quickly ceased producing sound out of one and then both channels. (I don't think I clipped anything, tho it's possible). It still powers up--I tried swapping out all the fuses, power cord, etc.-- to no avail. Caps, transformers, etc. look fine and I saw no loose connections etc. Any ideas as to what the cause might be?
Thanks in advance.
have you checked ALL of the fuses? There are fuses inside the amp.