B&K 7250 won't turn on

I bought a 7250 a couple months ago on ebay and after receiving the unit hooked it up to a spare speaker to make sure it worked (theater room is under construction). In the process I blew the speaker while listening to music for a couple minutes and the amp shut off. I was thinking it was a blown inlet fuse but after replacing it I am still not getting it to turn on. I'm guessing it's doubtful the fuse I replaced it with was bad. The amp is sitting on my dining room table right now as I wanted to check all of the fuses. Will it turn on without having anything hooked up to it? Any other suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you for the help
We don't know, will it turn on without having anything hooked up to it?

If it does, the first thing that you should do is check for significant DC voltage across each pair of speaker terminals. Less DC, or closer to zero is better, but idealy it should be significantly less than 200mVDC.
sounds like bad outputs id recommend calling stereo repair world in ny 631 697 5850 for service
they repaired several sansui 9090 for me and i was very pleased!plus they arent snobs
Right now it won't power on at all. It shows in the manual that there is an in-rush and control fuse that I can not locate on the unit. Could either of those being blown cause it to not power on?