B&K 7250 vs. EAD PM 1000 amplifier

I would like to get a good quality amplifier for home theater purposes. Am considering the two listed. Would also like any other suggestions. Would like a multichannel amp with the best class A sound possible. Price range 2000-6000.
From my test result of B&K vs EAD. They are quiet different. One has great highs and one has great bass. I like the B&K for it bass and EAD for it highs. Both works great for home theater and music listening. But there is also another brand you may want to add to your list is the Aragon 8008x5 or Aragon 8008x3 and Aragon 8008st. Aragon is a true class A amp and double its power when the impedence drops. For example: B&K 7250 200watts at 8ohms 375watts at 4 ohms EAD about the same as B&K Aragon 8008x5 200 watts at 8ohms 400watts at 4 ohm. If you have any other question feel free to call me at work: 909 468-2221. Wish you the best of luck find the amp you like and want. Bill
I will second the Aragon recommendation. I run an 8008BB to my fronts and an 8008x3 to my center and rears. The rears may be overkill but my system really does well on home theater and 2 channel. I truly think the Aragon is a step or two above the B&K. I have not listened to the EAD but have heard good things. Another option is to get the Krell 5 channel amp (KAV-500, I think) Good Luck. Marc