B&K 507, Onkyo 989 v2, or Rotel 1068 or 1098?

I running Hi_In Klipsche speakers al the way around: Chorus 2 - mains; C7 - center; KS6 - rears; and KW15 subwoofer.
I currently own the Onkyo 989 version 2 since mid-april and a bit difficult to operate as a blind user. someone told me I could load my screenreader into the 507 by BK, but I want to know which has the smoothest sound between the rotal, BK and Onkyo, and which is most easy to use of the threee.
I tried Dennon years ago, because of its great sound, but way too difficult for a blind user to calibrate and navigate the menus.
I would say to go with the 507 much better and smoother sounding. Onkyo is not in the same league.
Because of your speaker choice power really isn't an issue, but current never hurts and the B&K will supply much more of it than the others. I have one powering a Paradigm Reference setup and it does an admirable job.