B&K 507 has died. Thinking of going 2 channel?

I have a pair of kef 104/2 speakers that I originally paired with a Nakamichi PA7 power amp. I sold the Nak and bought the B&K 507 and a Kef center channel. The B&K has stopped working and I am torn between which way to go. I am going used due to financial situations (son in college). I am considering another Nak PA7 or something else 2 channel. The Nak with the Kefs always seemed a little dark to me. I would like to be able to remote the volume from my chair which the Nak CA5 preamp wont do. I liked the 507 till it died today. I did not care for the SR10 remote at all. You guys know what these 2 items sell for used, I just wanted some alternatives that would be reasonably priced. I have not looked at the market in ten years so I am definitely out of the loop. Thanks for any input.
Which models of the prior post listed brands would be good to look for used? NAD, Anthem, Marantz model numbers? Music is my first consideration. Thanks for the replies.
I'm torn between a Emotiva preamp, a Marantz av7005 and a 507 B&K The B&K is less but I want to make the right choice and I live in an area that requires lots of travel to hear anything close. I know the B&K sound and I liked it OK but would really like to improve if possible in my budget. I know I would need an amp with the two preamps. Someone point me in the right direction for music first and HT second. Help because I am close to pulling the trigger. The Marantz AV7005 is 800 used. The Emotiva is new and the B&K is used.
I don't think the Marantz will sound as nice as the B&K. I know what you mean about the remote. It has always been a clunky issue with B&K products. Would an integrated work for you? Do you need a reciever with tuner? Do you need a AV receiver with muti-channel and second zone?
I don't need a 2nd zone. I am 70% music and would like a tuner. 5.1 is all I need if I go the surround route. I am considering just going stereo with separate preamp and amp like I had. I want to keep it fairly simple and don't have anything to connect other than a Dvd player and TV of course. I ran HDMI from my directv receiver to my TV and a digital cable for sound to the B&K. I could not see the B&K menu on the tv this way so I had to use the front panel on the 507. The remote ate batteries fast and it was to clunky compared to the directv remote. I want great stereo sound and surround sound with a simple process, good remote and not much money. OK, I know it cant be had but whats my best choice on a budget. I'm thinking another 507 may be my best choice but I have one that died and it is sitting here in the box in front of me. It was well cared for and is now worthless. I called a friend that bought a Denon 5800 when I bought my B&K to tell him my problems and his Denon had also died this weekend. Maybe a used higher end pre amp and amp would be best for me in the long run.