B&K 4420 with tube preamp

I have a pair of Dynaudio Contour 20 speakers that I believe have a lot more potential with more power than I have available in my Lyngdorf 2170. These are also the first speakers I've had that sound better without room perfect which is strange. 
Local seller of B&K 4420 for a good price that I would be using a Jolida Fusion Preamp with. Seems to have the watts and current delivery the Dyns crave. Fairly small investment to try I guess. Just wanted to get any opinions on this before I pull the trigger. Obviously I am not expecting this to be a world beater for under $400. 
I'd go for it. I've enjoyed the sound of my B&K 442 sonata for many years and have never felt the need to upgrade it.
Well the seller disclosed before I met him for the purchase that it had a bit of a buzz out of the speakers. That just drives me bat s..t crazy so I passed.