B&K 220M vs. Ref 7250 for 2 ch.

I'm using B&K Ref7250 for music and HT. For music, is a good idea to add a pair B&K 220M mono blocks for fronts? thanks.
I have the B&K 4220Ms: monoblocks @ 250wpc; they are an exceptional value. However, the 7250 is excellent, as well. I recommend standing firm, unless your speakers are running out of amplifier. The 7250 generates 180wpcs, all channels driven. While this seems a lot, what you lose is the headroom of the 220M: B&K designs its monoblocks with high-peak capability.

In the end, it comes to the efficiency of your speakers, and the type (and volume) of load (HT vs. type of music).
My fronts are Dynaudio Contour 3.3, rated 89db/w, 4 ohm, for HT is fine, but have to up the volume a little for music(classic, jazz, vocal.), what's output of 7250 for 2 channels driven? higher than 180wpcs? how is the sound of you monoblock compare to other B&K models? thanks!
The 7250 will provide the rated amps (220wpc, I believe) into 2 channels @ 8 omhs; into 4, they'll go to 350, again, I believe. Offset this with the 89db, which is one or two below the 'norm'.

It works that you set the volume for clarity and articulation: fancy words for hearing all of the music. Also, it works that HT is less precise than music: we know the music: Beethoven's sixth or Brubeck's Take Five. As such we can tell when music is 'missing'. HT is not this way; other than voice, we would only miss the big stuff.

This becomes a financial question, although less so with the reasonably-priced B&K components. If you are serious about your music: sit quietly for hours listening to Miles and other wail, soulfully counterpointed by piano: then by all means go get some headroom and articulation.

One alternative is to get another 7250, then bi-amp the Contours (if you can) in a Passive, Horizontal manner: put a Y connector comming off your pre-amp for each channel, then run the 5 channel output from one amp to the LFs of the Contours, and run the other 5 channel output to the HF. This will improve imaging, as well as ensure that the LF & HF have enough juice (and the Contours have the necessary terminals). Again, it depends on your wallet.
Another point. Several reviews have shown that B&K over-sells their specifications: that the wpc they advertise are more than what you get. I can only say that there are experts who measure these things, and most, if not all, say this. Certainly, I would not be shocked if this is true.

As you go up the food / price chain, into the Brystons, Aragons onto Theta, Krell and Mark Levinson, the opposite is the rule. These people religiously over-build everything they touch. For Example, Brystons will clip at about 18% higher than rated.

You generally get what you pay for, although not proportionally. A person's sense of value is the determining factor.

For me, my sense of value tops-out at the Brystons: they are not sexy, but they do push the drivers to precisely deliver the music and HT. Also, I am very happy with the B&Ks (AVR202, (2) 4220M).

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Mdorsam, my contour can't bi-amp, Dynaudio doesn't belive bi-amp or bi-wire, also I did home-demo of a Bryston 4B ST a week ago, found it's a little bright for me, and less airy than B&K 7250, that why I'm thinking to get a pair of 220M, and I think imaging will be better with 220M than 7250, so how do you think? what's the best price for 220M? thanks!
I did have that concern on the Contours, based on other threads that I've participated in. Oddly, B&W (I have the N802s) believes in it strongly. By the way, Thiel also things bi-wiring and bi-amping are voodoo audio-electronics.

Given the situation, the 220Ms are a great choice, as are the Aragon (Klispch web site) 8008BB; they will provide the bass control, and dedicated focus you're looking for.

Regarding Price, I've been away from it for a while. My 4220Ms were about $1,300 each, if I remember correctly.

Do Take Care.
Thanks a lots!