B&K 200.2 OR Rotel RB-1080?

Anybody can help me decide which amplifier is better than the other one? B&K 200.2 OR Rotel RB-1080? Both are 200 watts @8ohms.
I've heard that Rotel Pre-amps are not as good as the B&K's. And If I buy RB-1080, I should not buy B&K's Preamp. Is it true? Can you guys please give me detailed info?

Thank ya'll
Shiral Patel
I feel that B&K is a slightly better Co. and have owned both in the form of Amps and Pre's.

That is as detail as it gets because unless there is a synergy issue that's what I have experienced.

I stay away from NAD because they have poor build quality IMO.

I still have 2 B&K amps.

Good luck