B and W: CM10 S2 vs 805 D3 with a sub

Hey All,

I’m thinking about picking up a pair of one of these speakers. I really dig the CM10 S2s and their awesome bass presence. I tried the 804 D3s, and was really impressed by the clarity and the amazing reproduction/treatment of the human voice. I’m thinking I can get the awesome bass of (or even better) of the CM10 S2s, by using a sub, and get the impressive clarity of the 804 D3s, by using the 805 D3s. Put the 805 D3s together with a sub and theoretically I should exceed the performance of the CM10 Ss and the 804 D3s? I hope.

Anything I should be considering when making this choice? Is there any advantage to keeping my bass within the speaker (as in CM10 S2) vs outsourcing the bass to a sub? Am correct to assume better performance from the 805 D3 with sub vs the CM10 S2?

Thoughts from the community?
Wondering similarly..
Follow up: I didn't buy any of the B&Ws. I went with a different brand of floor standers and I don't use a sub with them. Bass is good without the sub.
I owned a pair of B&W Signature 805's which I then integrated with a Velodyne DD10. I did get it work but it never quite sounded  as coherent and seamless as a floor stander. I eventually sold the Velodyne and just let the 805's go solo. Those are some great monitors, get them set up correctly and I think you'll be impressed. What you lose in bass you'll make up with great imaging and sound-staging.

Good luck