OK are these(B AND W 801 Matrix S3) worth me getting from a bud of mine for 1600$$$...THey are mint condition with sound anchors..

He is also throwing me a EAD powerAMP 10000....Im wondering if I DONT LIKE IF I can resale them for the same price or more???What I have seen I don't think I can ...

both units for $1600?
not bad
need to make sure they're in great shape.
need to see woofer cones with solid foam surrounds and need to make sure the amp needs nothing at this moment.
my 15 years old class-D amp is nearly at point of recap just to give you an idea.
Hi Venaka

OK are these(B AND W 801 Matrix S3) worth me getting from a bud of mine for 1600$$$...

Only if you are willing to get an amplifier of equal value. otherwise . No.

They are mint condition with sound anchors..

this is a fun site to look at values and do some research.


ballpark for separates.

Mint 801 s3 - average of $1900 - $2500
Bass Alignment Filter - $250
Sound Anchor Stands - $250

He is also throwing me a EAD powerAMP 10000....

"Throwing" being the key word here.

Good Luck

@czar - the speakers have polypropylene capacitors and rubber surrounds.

Thanks guys,

Yeah the cabinets and speakers are very mint...his father gave it to him and he just wrapped them up in plastic and has had them put away in his closet and his wife does not want them..he is also giving me an EAD Powermaster 1000 and some cables for the speaker.  Im really interested on this amp just because of the power it has...I have a 1000sqft home so I know the B and W matrix s3 will be overkill.

Thanks for your help.

I once sold great speakers to my friend near half price simply because I still like them when I visit his house and hear them hooked up and singing!
his wife does not want them..

Well, I don’t understand this, since they have as much wife appeal as a mid 90’s Porsche 993 turbo...... black. :^)

True story - I once bought a turntable off a fellow that ran a high end music store Downtown. He bought some 801 M Series 3 in early Spring and put them in his garage. He did not have the guts to bring them in the house due to his beloved wife. He thought he would store them and build up confidence - to bring them in - with a friend. Two people are needed.
He ended up selling them in the fall before the cold weather came.

They (801) represent everything that is evil in this audio hobby.
And if one is married they will force you to choose between your wife and them - in order to make them happy.

Women are very smart and can see this just by looking at them.

I have a 1000sqft home so I know the B and W matrix s3 will be overkill.

Are you single ? ....... don’t like your neighbors ?
haha! I'm glad that wife situation isn't for me! I'm married 2nd time. My first wife decided to leave me because I would never let myself be on the leash. My way or highway!
I had a pair of 801 s3 with golden flute bass alignment and sound anchor stands. From what I've heard the 3 is the one to own. They need some strong juice to get the best from them. In my setup they were not very forgiving of poor recordings.

Ultimately, they were not my cup of tea. I sold them to a local guy and he loves them. Says he will never sell them- and he's a gear seller. 

In my opinion they are very capable with the right amplification and carefull positioning. The head swivels which can be helpful.

The deal seems good and I think you'll be able the flip them if you want. 

I recommend 3 sets of 15 squats twice daily to prepare for the arrival. 

Hope you enjoy them,