B and K 200.2

I have been doing a lot of research about the B and K 200.2 power amp for a possible purchase. Does anyone have any advice and/or information about B and K amps and this model in particular? Thanks to all.
I own a B&K EX4420 which is a precurser to the 200.2 and it a wonderful amp with my Klipsch Reference and Heritage speakers. Good bass response with a warmish midrange to die for. The highs are a little rolled off but mate very well with my "brightish" Klipsch speakers.

That amp has plenty of current to drive most speakers to ear bleeding levels. Rock solid build quality also. ATI has aquired B&K's holdings so I would not worry too much about repair issues if they were to arise.

I have a 200.7, which is great for home theater. It has plenty of power. However, I find it somewhat bright for 2 channel music. Certainly a cut above the amps in most receivers, but not necessarily my first choice for music, depending on the speakers of course. As usual, you now have 2 conflicting views of the high end performance of this amp.
A fellow audio nut and good friend has a B&K Pro 10 preamp and did have a B&K 2220 (not positive on the model #).
He sold the amp and now has an Emotiva ?? model ??, a big amp with LEDs on the front side. Weights about 80 lbs.
He acquired it factory direct for about $750 shipped.
It has more detail versus the B&K, higher power reserves & damping factor. Maggies are not an easy load. The bass is clearly deeper and tighter versus the B&K amp. Dynamics are better too. While not quite as warm as the B&K overall it's a step up. I'm impressed with the Emotiva amp. Just another option to consider.
Best wishes...