b.a.t. amps?

i've been steadily upgrading my system for the last month or so. the next and final step is an amp. my set up is: jm labs focal profile 918 speakers, rega apollo cd player, balanced audio technology pre-amp, jps labs interconnects, and audience au24 speaker cable. my question is, would i be making a sonically wrong decision going with an amp other than a b.a t.? a lot of people tell me that the best way to go is to match the pre amp is with a b.a.t. amp. anyone know of a different amp that would work with my system? thanks.
I am sorting through the same issue. I have a cj pre amp and B.A.T. amps. I am running a Vk51SE in my system at the momment. I have to say that the amps are more alive. There seems to be more transient snap and the notes are sharper. I am not sure if thats because I am running the system with balanced IC's v.s. SE with adapters?

The BAT gear will give it's best performance in an all-balanced setup. The single-ended adaptors are nothing more than a convenience band-aid.

You are hearing that difference.

There is nothing wrong with mixing components, and also nothing wrong with sticking to the same manufacturer.


I think the most important thing when mixing companies is that your pre-amp output impedance is low and your amp input impedance is high enough to get the most out of that amp
using BAT with BAT is a real good idea. using the adapters so it will run with SE items is not a bad idea. I'm about to do that with a diff pre than the one I'm using for the time being as a test bed... apart from the complete turn around in pre characteristics (went from Tube to SS pre, but going back to tube again... in a few days), there are no errant hum, buzz, artifacts, etc.

the Fact CJ inverts phase was a curiosity but I would think you settled that issue. ever how you wish to go... going as is intended is likely going to be best... but they will work either way.

the newer BAT amps are the more snappy, neutrally oriented. SS or tube. Look to previous issues for a warmer sound that still retains dynamics and heft.
I have noticed with my own amp, VK500 w/BAT pk. that whatever preamp or processor is attached, the amp does become compatible and takes on a new or different sense of performance. I also have not noticed any degredation of sound quality, sound staging, or timberal imbalance. The SS preamps as a rule do afford more depth of tome and impact in the lower regions and bring the stage forward more so... but that is just SS pres doing their thing. Running fully balanced or SE doesn't seem to matter in that respect as i've done both. A friend of mine has a vk200 which responds much like mine as he has done similar things with his.

on paper, you'd think runing all XLR is the ticket exclusively. It's not. I've noticed no drop in performance, nor have I noticed an increase in it either way. the sonic character is reflected completely, which ever way you go. SE or XLR. the big diff in sonic change with BAT amps that I've seen first hand is the things giving it the signal... and mainly, the preamps placed in front of it. always it has reamined coherent, musical, never strident or grainy. Never etched or two dimensional. Always smooth, dynamic, even tempered and resolving to the extent it adds to the conveyance of the experience and not to the point of distractive with a plethora of sonic cues. it's quite the chameleon... and has some pretty long legs as I've yet to hear it even approaching running out of steam.

I don't know much of the newer ones, the 250 and 600's. the only kick I have about the BAT vk500 amps is the time to warm up and sound good. 20-30 mins of warming, another 45-60 of signal passing till it's dead in stride. minimum toatls before being ready? 1 hour. But that's this amp and in my system and according to my ears.

have fun and don't worry... everything always works out.