Aztec Sound Corporation

I recently came across a pair of "Aztec Sound Corporation" speakers. The model is Matisse IV. Any one know anything about these?
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Hi Flickkit

Yes, Aztec speakers were made in Colorado, Boulder, maybe? I am not sure of the exact location anymore. I saw their complete line at an audio show way back in the late 60's or early 70's.

If I recall they didn't sound bad at the time, however that was a long time ago. Good to hear that there is still some of their products around.

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I have them in my Shop. Hooked up to an Aiwa Shop quality system. Sounds OK looks really funky. The Cabinets are actually very nice quality. Maybe I'll gut um and put some current drivers in them. Who knows......there just kinda cool . Thanks for the info
Hi guys,

I just picked up a set of Aztec Renoir III speakers at a pawn shop today for 40 bucks. I have my Luxman R-1050 reciever pushing them, and they sound great. I've attached a link to the picture of my current system (excuse the mess).
I bought a pair of Aztec's "Picasso" model in Denver in 1973 for about $250. They were promoted as an inexpensive alternative to JBLs, and were actually quite decent speakers!
The company made decent cabinets; however, they did not know much about designing a good loudspeaker. I have a friend that visited the factory and he said the owner admitted to just throwing some drivers in a box and marketing them as high quality speakers.
I have a pair of Aztec Petites in my second system. Considering I paid a dollar for them, I like them fine. I did some research and came across a little info from one of the Stereophile guys. Said they were built and marketed as competition for the "boston sound' speakers of the sixties and seventies