azimuth adjust with Origin Live Encounter

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to adjust the OL Encounter's azimuth without resorting to shims?
Why do you think azimuth is adjustable?

OL's own fact sheet on the Encounter says, "... you do not need to worry about setting up azimuth and balancing the arm. The azimuth has already been set, such that the headshell is parallel to the arm mounting surface."

This is fine provided both your TT and cartridge are perfect. Of course they aren't, so the lack of azimuth adjustment is a weakness in an otherwise pretty good arm. (OL's not alone BTW. Many English tonearms naively assume that every cartridge is perfect: Rega, SME and OL all do, in one respect or another).

It's too bad, because dual pivots for vertical motion make it possible to include azimuth adjustment without compromising armwand rigidity. The Moerch DP-6 has a similar bearing design and an integral azimuth adjustment. Pity that OL didn't bother.

FWIW, some arms costing far more lack this adjustment. This was recently discussed at length in a thread about the $12K Davinci Grandezza (which has mysteriously disappeared).
Azimuth adjustment is explained in the owners manual. It involves loosening a grub screw and moving one of the pivot screws up or down.