AZ WOW vs. HT Truthlink?

What are the primary differnces in these two cables? I know that they were both designed by Robert Lee, but I will assume there are sonic differnces. I am using an Aragon/Cary/B&W system. Thanks
I compared the two and both are good, but I preferred the HT Truthlink in my system. I tried both the RCA and balanced ICs. In one case with a particular combination of preamp and amp the Truthlink balanced ICs made an unbelieveable improvement; the low end kicked into a completely better level; I had an audio dealer present and he had the same reaction - we just sat their in disbelief. It might have just been the synergy of that particular set of balanced inputs and outputs.

With other combinations of electronics the differences were more subtle, but what I liked about the Truthlinks consistently was their ability to provide good defintion and good musicality without being fatiguing. The AZ Wows also were not fatiguing, but they didn't yield quite the definition that was present on the HT Truthlinks. The AZ Wows seemed to have a bit of blur compared to the HT Truthlinks. I've also tried Kimber's Heros and their (silver?) ICs, but for me, in my system, the HT Truthlinks were the best overall.

You can try cables at The Cable Company - it's a great service.