AZ Silver Photon Digital IC, Impressions

I want to call members attention to this overacheiving digital cable priced under $100 retail. I am using RCA version, 1m between Musical Fidelity A3CD and Bel Canto Dac 1.1, cable uses combo of silver/copper "zero crystal" conductors, mesh jacket is silver/black reflective material
looks great. With your usual discount from established dealer price is under $90!

I have carefully listened recently many top digital cables up to $250 including HT Cyber Platinum, and the Silver Photon is my favorite regardles of price. I get the smoothest, most grainfree treble from average mass market CDs, along with great 3D and low level detail retreval. Have not heard the AZ E-MC2 for $300 which probably raises the bar in all areas, but 3X the cost Silver Photon.

Any other members tried this cable, or the E=MC2 and can share their experience.
I'm looking for 75ohm digital cable and considering all options. Have considered the ones mentioned above also, but need to do more homework. Isn't the E=MC2 110 ohm only?
Brandon, here is the answer to your question about E=MC2 from AZ website FAQ:

Dr Lee claims for RCA digital ICs under 5 meters in length
it makes no diff if 75 or 110 ohm. I saw one of these for sale used here for under $200 recently, wish I would have grabbed it now.