AZ Satori vrs. KKable's 12TC vrs Cardas Quad 5c

OK, here is another one of those stinking cable compare threads but I am about to pull the trigger on one of these three and can't decide. Unfortunately I need a fairly long run to reach my speakers (15' pair) so this is causing the price to extend into my upper limits. They all cost pretty much the same for the length I need so its now down to the best match for my system.

I am pretty happy with the current sound of my system and my motivation behind this purchase is not really an attempt to try and fix anything that I don't like. I am considering this purchase more of an experiment to see if there is anything else I can bleed out of my current speakers before attempting to go full bore down the path to a replacement set. I have tried to maintain as balanced of an approach as possible in regards to component costs relative to the other components in the system. Despite these efforts I now find myself at a point where the sum of my power delivery parts over the years has grown to twice the cost as the speakers themselves do.

I suspect, like many others on this forum I am also hoping this will be the last purchase of speaker cables I ever need to make. Boy wouldn't that be nice!

Here is my current setup below:

Bel Canto DAC3
PASS Labs X250
Logitech Transporter
Wadia i-170 Dock
Rotel RCD -1070 Cd Player
Legacy Audio Signature III's
Front end components run off of a Shunyata VRay on a dedicated 20 amp circuit
PASS Labs amp runs off of a Shunyata Hydra 6 on another dedicated 20 amp circuit
Shunyata Python & Taipan Power Cords throughout

My current speaker cables are made by an outfit who goes by the name of "Raymond Cables". Their store has since disappeared from Ebay where I originally found them. Several months ago I went thru another experiment phase when I purchased a set of the famed "Speltz Anti-Cables" brand after reading so much about them on the web. Unfortunately, in my system they turned out to be a downgrade so back into the box they went and the Ebay specials returned from the dead.

I don't expect there is someone who has heard all of these brands side by side but maybe there is someone who has owned one or two of them in the past that can offer their impressions. In any event, all input and experiences with these cables would be appreciated.

Satori is a bit warm in the system I tried it in.

a recent review about the 12TC (TAS I think) said it was a bit better than the 8TC which would make it a dependable choice (if you could find it used)

I found Morrow cable to be good, very neutral and detailed and worth a try.

Also you may want to try White Lightning DIY cable. It have very beautiful tone and in the two systems I tried it in it competes with anything I have owned - and for <$10! (bare wire version)

Satori at the used price is one of the greatest cable bargains out there. Pick up the phone and call Robert Lee at AZ (owner, designer) and ask him for a recommendation. He's a class act and won't try to over sell you. He is familiar with lots of components. I agree it can run a bit warm depending on the system, but it is so smooth, musical, and fatigue free. Provides a wide and open soundstage with good detail, but not at the expense of being analytical in any way. Find a pair in good condition here, and try it out. If you are not ou'll get your money back when you resell, or lose only shipping, if you buy right. After all, it's the only way to buy cable. You can try to see what they recommend too, among all mfg.
Hey Thanks for the input.I think if the price between these cables were not so close it would make my decision easier. I am beginning to lean towards the AZ Satori more then the others at this point due to all the reports I am seeing about their abilities to potentially widen the soundstage which I would certainly be welcome.
Yes, it will definitely widen the soundstage nicely, if that's what you are seeking. It also gives nice depth. The nice thing about these AZ cables is how they suspend all the elements nicely in the soundstage. Cymbals especially have a very nice natural attack and decay with these cables. Good luck!
I wanted to give an update on my purchase decision on the topic of this thread. I bought the AZ Satori cables and have only had them in my setup for a few days at this point but I am definitely liking what I am hearing already.

I know some cables require some break in before they show their true colors but honestly I could tell I made the right decision within a few hours of listening to the new cables. During my other cable experiments I would always struggle to determine if the cables made any difference at all and in the past ended up removing the cable I purchased because it turned out to be a downgrade after many hours of listening.

I am happy to report that these AZ Satoris will be staying for the long haul. Already I can hear better bass definition and a more detailed soundstage, especially during low level music passages. The best words I can use to describe them is free flowing and effortless.

Thanks for the advise, I think my cable search is finally over.
Eniac, glad you are enjoying them. I agree, you can try a bunch of other cables and they each may do any one thing a bit better, but for the overall package, for overall balance, enjoyability and coherence, the Satori really do work nicely. Keep us posted!
Glad you are having such great results with the Satoris!

As a side note, during the 10 years or so they have been around, a lot cables have come and gone, and these still remain one of the best 'high-end' bargains. They retailed for $598 for an 8 foot pair then, and are still $598.

Robert Lee and I are good friends, and he often discusses materials cost with me. The price on materials has gone up a great deal since these were introduced, but Robert has resisted raising his retail prices, making them an even better bargain. Satori should be retailing for around $750-800 an 8 ft. pair if materials cost increases had worked their way into the price.

Best regards,
Hi Valueaudio, what about AZ holograms? Are they good value for money?
I found the Holograms to be better than Satori in every regard, more extended, more neutral etc...

got my satori's dirt cheap used about 2 years ago. have tried several cables since (some at 2x the cost) but have always gone back to the satori's.

i've stopped looking for anything "better". they sound fantastic in my system.
I agree--I called Robert personally to get his take based on my system. He easily could have convinced me to use them most expensive cables in his line, but said the Satori was perfect for my setup. He also personally fixed some powercords at no charge to me. He is as good as they get. He says he is working on a zero skin effect cable that is going to be amazing at a great price point.