AZ Matrix Ref Mk II vs. Mk I?

What is the sonic differences between AZ Matrix Ref MkI and MkII? Is one warmer/brighter? Which has better details?
Hmm... I guess the cables are too exotic...
I found the Mk1 a tad warmer, but both were excellent in detail retrieval. Used it between my pre/power amp. I didn't quite like it between the source and pre.
The mk 2 is much more extended at both frequency extremes and there is a smidge more detail. I think the mk 2's can compete with the best out there at any price.
I'll agree with both of the above posts. I would go with the Mk I if you have electronics that are slightly on the lean or bright side. For a little more accuracy and neutrality, the Mk. II is the way to go. The Mk I's are going cheap for $200-250.00, so this might help in deciding if your budget is tight.If you go with the Mk I,try to find a Mk I with the white teflon insulation. This is a little better than the earlier versions with the clear insulation.
Thanks guys!
On some stage AZ changed RCA conectors from their own to WBT. Do you know when it happened and on what Mark I or II?
I believe it was the Mk. II.