AZ adagios or von schweikert vr4jr

I'm considering replacing my Von schweikert VR3, for a more resolving and more balance sound,my VR3 served me well for the last 4 years, but is time to move on as my system evolved, think my speakers are the weakest link in the chain'
have an all tube base system, had a chance to audition the Adagios over the weekend and to be honest wasn't very impressed with the sound, specially in the imaging department, found speakers lacking focus,and speakers did not disappeared I' as though they would;
on the other hand, I'm intrigue by the vr4jr sound,because all the good reviews,
they both fall in the same price range in the used market
please need some recommendations,
witch of the two would be better choice:

Don't send a deposit in advance to Von Schweikert...they tend to get lost...

Expericence guaranteed..

Never heard the Adagios but I owned the 4JRs for a while and I think they are awesome speakers for the money.
I can't help with your speaker comparisons, but I strongly disagree with the post concerning VS business practices. You can pick up the phone and speak to Albert almost any day. I have called several times and was always given more time than I expected. I would highly recommend the Von Schweikert product line. I am on my second pair of VS speakers.
I concur with jrun...I also own a pair of jr's...bought them simply for the looks for my first pair of quality speakers...WOW was I surprised..I am hooked. I have talked to Albert since the purchase and was impressed with time he spent with me. I later purchased a center spkr and everthing went without a hitch.
You really need to find a pair of Adagios to audition. They have a very different sound than than the VS speakers, and you'll know immediately which you prefer.
HI, I' already audition the adagios last weekend and was not very impressed, good clarity and very smooth, but the imaging was missing focus, and delineation, just need to know, how the 4jr compare in sound quality:

Well if you weren't impressed with the Adagios then why would you even be considering them?
The problem is, that I,voiced those speakers with an very cheesy integrated tube amp worth $1300 new, and I'read every post here in audiogon,regarding speakers and they where all very positive.
You really can't go wrong with VSA - Albert is a class guy and his speakers "speak" for themselves (sorry, I just couldn't resist)