AZ Absolute; which is

Yes, I know it is a question impossible to answer :-)
Matching/system synergy, and personal taste, are always important, and difficult to discuss.
But, anyhow, I know the Absolutes get good critics, and I have tested the IC's (RCA and XLR) and the speaker cables at home for a while.
When I got them I replaced ALL my old cables; i.e AZ Silver Ref II interconnects, and Audience Au24 speaker cables.
A huge improvement on many parameters: Bigger soundstage, more accurate holography, tremendous resolution and transarency, excellent dynamics........
The speaker cables are best when biwiring my Avantgarde Duos.
But, after having played on these some weeks (I guess they are "burned in" now) I experience there is some kind of "edge" on female vocals. Not on all records, but on "too many".......:-(
I don't know if the IC's or the speaker cables are the reason.
I haven't experienced anything like this with my previous cables.
Anybody having similar experiences with the Absolutes?
Anyone who has tested both the Abslolute IC's and the speaker cables versus other cables, and who can tell which of them is the "strong(est) link"?

(Yes, I'll change some of the cables soon, but due to a little accident I have just one "working arm" right now!)

High quality sources, BAT VK 51SE pre, Welborne Star Chief 45 monoblocks (w/EML Solid Plates), AG Duo speakers.

Thanks in advance :-)
Best regards Ola
oh boy, this is subjectivity at its best, or worst. i owned acoustic matrix 2 and sartori. i realize it's not what you have. i believe your cables are silver-based, which may be an issue.

i would not presume to tell you what to do with your cables. ironically, the cables i'm using include ear to ear silver plated copper along with other copper cable. my preferences may differ from yours. you may have too much of what audiophiles consider a "good thing", namely focus and resolution. the newer tube gear tends to sound a lot like solid state.

if you prefer a "neutral" presentation, you may want to change some of your cable to gain some smoothyness
I use absolute I.C's and there is no edge to female vocals. In fact they are spectacular. I'm using double barrel speaker cable however which is mostly copper so if the edge is from the wire my vote would be for the speaker cable although silver all the way around might be too much of a good thing in your system and so could be due to either
I'm pretty sure AZ has a 30 day money back guarantee. Call and talk to Robert Lee, assuming you bought them new and see what he says I bet he will give you your money back if you can blame it on the new cables.
When you say you've been using them for "some" weeks now, about how many total hours of actual playing time do the cables have? Do you have a signal continously going through them for 24/7?
To Mrtennis
Yes, this is really a matter of subjectivity :-)
"Too much" resolution and focus......., yes maybe. My tube gear is very neutral, and many people think BAT gear sound "too less" tube!
As I said, I'll replace my Absolute speaker cables with a pair of Au24 again. And a friend of mine has the Double Barrel which I might borrow. Both are copper cables........
To Ejlif
I have bought all the cables 2nd hand. But, some of them were not used for a very long time, so I have experienced a change. I don't think this little "edge" on femal vocals was there in the beginning........
I have talked with AZ regarding other cable matters before, so a call to them could anyway be a good solution.
To Aldavis
Yes, you might be right. I guess when the components become so transparent and have such a high resolution, matching is extremey important.
Since I ecperience much of the same problem on both CD and vinyl, I don't think there is any obvious "failure" in my sources......
To Sherod:
See my answer to Ejlif.
This means I don't know exactly how old the cables are, and if they are completely broken in....
But I have not experienced any change the two last weeks (approx 60 hours playing in this period).