AZ Absolute VS PAD Venustas

Anyone heard them head to head?
I have not compared the two head to head, but I can provide feedback on the Venustas since I have owned both the interconnects and speaker cables, which have similar traits.

I recently sold 2 sets of Venustas IC's and a set of speaker cables that I lived with for awhile. They were good sounding cables and provided a very quiet background. However, there was something I found slightly fatiguing about them compared to solid core silver IC's I have been making here. I used to think it was the stranding vs. solid core but I am no longer sure the stranding alone was the cause, since I didn't particularly care for the solid core silver and copper HT Magic Link 2, but I have been impressed with copper IC cables recently made here using bulk IC cables with stranded wire, the Furutech P2.1, and Neotech NEI-3001, which combines stranded and solid wire. Another thought is that maybe the combination and/or configuration of the three metals used in the Venustas is what resulted in the perception of fatigue. Their literature does not say if the three metals are discrete (separate wires of three distinct types), an alloy, or perhaps a silver/gold clad copper wire or maybe the silver/gold Mundorf type wire mixed with copper wire.
Personally, having heard the Venustas, I would start with the AZ cables.
Hi Mitch, thanks.
I use ribbon speakers too. It do make a difference in the top end. When you say fatigue, where did you notice it?
In the mid or in the treble?
Try to pin out, then i can have a somewhat clue.
I look at other speakers aswell. They might be same (if not very close) in sonics and balance. So i am not sure which move to make (cables or speakers).

Again, thank you.