Ayre XK-R vs Pass Lab XP-20?

Currently having Pass Lab XP-20 preamp and X350.5 amp,
I assum the whole Pass gear would match perfectly, but seems MBL 6010D (2010 model) and Ayre XK-R are excellent.
have anyone compared red hot Ayre XK-R preamp with XP-20, is it worthy to spend 6K more for XK-R.
you might get more responses from people searching the forum threads if you ask about the proper model designation for the Ayre: KX-R. All of their preamps begin with the prefix letter K.

As for your answer? I owned the previous top of the line Ayre, K1 and auditioned the full MBL reference line when I bought my MBL 101E speakers. I have hear the 6010D numerous times. It has a warmth that is inviting but in the end I found the detail too suffuse. I have not owned a Pass preamp since the Aleph P and imagine the sound has changed a lot in the intervening 12 years.

Note, the XK-R is a great Jaguar sports/GT car.
Haha, thanks for correction,

I searched, but no one directly compared KX-R and XP-20.
I think the original owner of MBL sold the company and now has a new company MC-music culture technology www.music-culture.com if you are looking for a lower priced MBL sound. Personnaly I do not prefer SS preamps. Find a nice direct heated or transformer coupld designed preamp and take a listen.

Happy Listening.
I`ve seen several post by you suggesting DHT tubes -transfomer coupled preamps and can understand why you do so. There are very few of these types commercially available however. Is yours a DIY or sold as a kit?
I have a Pass X150.5 paired up with an Ayre Pre...it's a nice combo. Does not have the weight of my Cary, pre, though, but that could also be "fixed" with different speakers.

No offense but I see you have the K5xe which is a good pre but not close to the KX-R. I owne the K5xe MP and auditioned the KX-R in direct comparison. I loved the KX-R but I could not swing the extra cost.

If I may suggest the MP upgrade if you have not already done so. It is well worth the $250-300 cost.
No offence taken, I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you. I'll call Ayre tomorrow. Any and all additional tips/tweaks are also appreciates.
Iv'e been using the XR-K , just kidding , for about 4 months now and my mouth is still agape , I won't get into mushy details . My last two preamps were very good ( ARC Ref 3 - and - Levinson #320S ) the Ayre is simply a step closer to the music and a step further away from electronic's , I'll go now , I'm starting to sound like a review I recently read ..
Finally is here, Ayre KX-R + MX-R, replaced my Pass XP-20 + X350.5 combo. So I can compare them as a combo, have no chance to cross test them. I try to describe my impression with my limited English.

Ayre combo is more musical, more intimate, sound stage is coherent but not over big and wide, yet in very appropriate dimension. No big difference in day time or night time. Treble is not as bright as Pass, but not in "dark" category at all. Vocal is very attractive, I feel more close to the singer's intention of their interpretation to a song.

Pass combo is very good if you count their price into consideration, 3D & hologram soundstage and sound extension is slightly better than Ayre, May I say it is more "hifi" feel than Ayre, But it is not as coherent and consistent as Ayre, Pass has very good dynamic, but soundstage collapse in daytime if there is too much light into my eyes. But in the dark, Pass can really suck me in as well as Ayre.

I realize that AudiogoNers' opinion are very close to what I heard from two system. To me, I probably can hear Ayre for longer hours without fatigue, in good detail and very balanced way. Pass bring me slightly more "HIFIish" enjoyment when I hear something I have never heard before. But also not over bright or over analytical. Pass combo will still be my recommended system at their price range. Ayre add slight warmth and integrity to the music, but both sound very neutral to me, and very system dependent to the gears and cables you used in your system, any inferior link could be found easily.

Overall, With Ayre combo, I find a new reference system to the sources.
Quanmer ... Glad you like the new Ayre gear . Iv'e been using the KX-R and C5 player for a bit now and am very happy too . I Also feel a bit closer to the singers and musicians . Enjoy ...Tim
Tmsorosk (Tim), my new speaker arrived two days, just set up today, Tidal Contriva Diacera SE, just hear them for 2 hours, first impression.......musical + musical = very very musical.
After 2 weeks with Ayre KX-R + MX-R and Tidal Contriva Diacera SE speakers, everyday has new progress of this combination.

The biggest difference is the treble sounds more open an smoother.

I realize that MX-R sounds better by directly plug them into wall plug, the rest gears are still via Synergistic Research PowerCell 10SE. Which is opposite to my previous Pass Labs finding, all pre and power amp plug on 10 SE was better.