Ayre with Wilson

I'm getting ready to purchase a new Ayre pre and amp for my Wilson Sophia 2s. Any recommendations on speaker and IC cables that would be a good synergy with the system? I would like to spend less than 3k for both.

For ME...Ayre's own cables didn't do it. I simply love the high priced Wireworld stuff. They do not alter the color of sound, yet have an ease that is absolutely captivating. AT least try it. Also, I like Audioquest Sky/Everest (I think they have new names for these now)....the very top of the line William F. Lowe Sig. was awful with my Ayre stuff.
I have an Ayre AX5/20. We played it on Sophia's, Sasha and Alexandria I think they call it. They used the Vallhala cabling and also the Transparent. I hated both as it made the speakers way too hot. I think that Ayre and Audioquest work great together as an above poster stated. I'd go with the Fire balanced as they are the newest. I'd also use the Castle Rocks as it has a bit less silver than some of the others and that will keep the Wilson's in their sweet spot. You really need to go listen to cables though. I know David Wilson used to use Spectral and MIT. The Ayre really makes those speakers sound their best though.
Thanks guys! I heard Ayre 5 series 20s separates with Rockports and they were using the new Audioquest Fire xlr-Sounded spectacular. I actually have a pair of Wireworld Eclipse 7 xlr so I may go the Wireworld route first and see how that works and when i have enough money buy some Audioquest Fires.
I assume you are talking the VX and KX-5 Twenty's? I heard the mono twenty's and was blown away. I need to get down to Audio Connection soon to hear the VX-5 Twenty. I am sure it's killer. I can't state enough what the Twenty did to the AX-5. I'm sure you liked the AQ with the Ayre. They are so neutral, you get all that the Ayre is giving to you.

Yes, I could not agree more. Ayre, I thought, always had a nice sound in the top end, but leaved something to be desired in the low end. When I listened to the new AX-5 Twenty the first time, my previous impression of Ayre equipment changed completely. I was thoroughly impressed--No lack of bass there and seemed to have lots of current on reserve. After going back and forth on Ayre and other manufacturers, I then decided to save up a little more money and go with the VX and KX Twenty's instead. This will allow me a little more flexibility in the future plus give me more wattage if needed.

BTW - I compared these to Constellation Inspiration Product on S5 Magicos, which was truly an awesome system as well. Extremely transparent. TOUGH CHOICE. At the end of the day I just loved the Ayre sound and felt it would fit my Wilsons better.
Give Brian Berdan (Brooks' son) a call at his new shop in Pasadena, Audio Elements. He is both an Ayre and Wilson dealer, and has lots of experience setting up systems with that pairing.

Transparent will be a very natural and sonic match for Ayre + Wilson speakers. Go for the Reference XL or OPUS cabling.
Yes, it will cost you. Yes, will will never look back w/ regret. As always, buy used / demo and put the savings back in your pocket. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I suggest you speak to Ayre directly. Their in house system is Ayre and Wilson. Not sure what Cabling they use. My son worked at Ayre for a few years, and I spent a few hours listening to their reference system. Too bright for my taste, but for audiophile nirvana, it is great. All the right adjectives can be used. Just not as musical as I like.
I listened to a very nice-sounding Ayre/Wilson system that used Kubala Sosna Elation cables. Definitely worth auditioning; I think both the Elation and the former top-of-the-line Emotion would work well.
Ayre has both Audioquest and Cardas in house. They may well have others too. I have never liked Wilson personally, but some of that was because they were so revealing. Lately they have sounded much better, but are still too bright for me. That's why I don't understand folks putting some of these brighter cables on their systems. Honestly, I asked a dealer to put the higher end AQ cables on the system vs the Odin and TOL Transparent and the AQ's calmed things down a fair amount. Very transparent and revealing cables on my system too. Keep us posted.
Thanks for all of the great suggestions guys. My Ayre dealer is going to let demo some audioquest and cardas cables. I may give The Cable Company a call as well.
It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on the AQ vs the Cardas.
Look at Purist wonderful musical cable.