Ayre VX-5 Diamond amp

....does anybody have any news on this amp ????? I have read a few small blurbs on it and was wondering if anybody has heard it ???? Sounds like it could the real deal

I haven't heard the VX-5 but I *have* heard the new AX-5 which is pretty much the same thing but with a KX-R inspired linestage added and a bit less power. I think the AX-5 might be the best amp I've heard, possibly besting my previous "best evah"s, the Ayre MX-R and ARC Ref 250.

Soundstage was supposed to review the VX-5 this summer but I haven't seem them post any such thing.
I've just replaced my ARC LS26 with the Kx-5 preamp and then I borrowed the Vx-5 to compare with my Classé CA-2300.
The Kx-5 is a masterpiece! I know no other to compete with it. It is worth every dollar you spend to buy it. The Vx-5 is a very fine amplifier; tones and colours are natural and exceptionaly well defined, high frequencies are specialy beautifull. But compared to the (less expensive but more powerfull and also very fine) Classé, the Ayre sounds a touch flat, has much less global presence and the bass is not as well defined and much less powerfull. I do not have to determine which one of these two amps is the best or which one you should buy. What I can say for sure: not one person will ever spend money to replace the Classé Ca-2300 with the Ayre Vx-5 after comparing them.
It sounds like your VX-5 was not burned in all the way. I have a VX-5 and it is truly an excellent amp. I also have an audio research ref 150 and it competes very well with that amp, although ultimately I do prefer the audio research amp. But it should be better because it costs $5000 more. And I generally prefer tubes. The Ayre did require an extensive break-in to really come on song.