Ayre vs Simaudio

I am trying to get a used solid state integrated for Totem Forests. I know that Simaudio I-5 has been recommended here before for the Totems, but was wondering how that would compare to the Ayre AX(?)-7.

I'm primarily looking for good resolution but just a little sweeter mid so that classical music would not sound so "bright." Not really concerned about bass slam. Would any of either fit the bill better? Open to other solid state suggestions in the rough neighborhood price wise.

Not willing to go tube due to the inquiring hands of a 2-year old boy. Thanks.
Both companies make fine integrated amps, but given the sound quality you say you want, I think the Ayre is the better fit for you. Charlie Hansen's products have great musicality to them, while still retaining the best features of solid state. However, when spending this much money, you should try to audition both units in your own system, and then trust your ears.
The Ayre integrated is one of the best I've heard. I've owned
a Sim amp but never their i.ntegrated so I can't comment

So far I listened to the Krell 400xi, McIntosh 6500 and Musical Fidelity A5. Note that none of the dealers I visited were Totem dealers (I have heard the SimAudio - Totem setup previously and thought they were nice).

So far the Musical Fidelity A5 is the winner. I thought the Krell sounded a little hollow and McIntosh 6500 was nice but couldn't justify the price differential from the Krell ($1000 more for the Mac). M-F A5 sounds pretty good,
it is roughly the same price as the Krell.

I am planning to listen to the Ayre this weekend. Thanks for those who gave suggestions, and I will keep you posted.
Personally I vote for the Ayre AX-7e or possibly the Blue Circle NSCS. Are you bringing your Totems with you? If you are listing in different rooms with different systems forget about the results of your listening sessions as you have far too many larger variables (rooms, speakers, sources) to get an accurate impression. If you are serious about the amp purchase you should be able to arrange an in-home audition for a couple of days with the shops demo unit (presumably broken in).

Thanks for your suggestion. Since I am now planning to buy new from authorized dealers, I will ask for home audition possiblities.

I'll also look to see who deals Blue Circle stuff in my area.