Ayre vith Verity?

Has anyone Ayre Verity gear. Ayre series 5 with Rienzi, (Parsifals, or Leonore)? Any experince, response for gear harmony, sounding?
Guys!, Verity and Ayre fans! Has no one Verity (primarily Rienzi), and Ayre series V. combo? Anybody heard to them with - experience? I know the Ayre work very well with Vandersteen, Sonus Faber. Match nicely. And what about the Verity, and system sinergy. My goal is to musicality, warm side of neutral, and the Ayre V5 Xe to compensate for the lack of deep bass. I looking for the best combo and however I was very attracted to the Verity. Please help me with anything.
Do you have Ayre and want Verity or do you want Verity and have Ayre?
Hi Argyro!
I looking for a really good, new speakers, for a long time for my Ayre Cx7e, K-V5xe gear.
My doubts, can I think of Verity. Which is the best choice?
Don't know verity well enough. But I know Ayre and Sonus Faber don't match wll to my ears. I would match Ayre to a lively speakers since Ayre can be a bit laid back. Not really sure how to dicribe it.

So Verity might match well as far as I have heard.