Ayre V5-Xe or Jeff Rowland 201 Mono Blocks?

I just wanted to get some input from anyone willing. I am trying to decide between the Ayre V5-Xe or a pair of Jeff Rowland's 201 mono blocks. I feel somewhat foolish as I have already owned the Ayre amp, but sold all of my expensive components except my Thiel 2.4SB speakers. Now I find after I just turned 55 that I am itching to get back into the high-end stuff as I miss it greatly. As mentioned I have the Thiel 2.4SB speakers and the MCSC-1 Center from Thiel as well. For my source I am running the Oppo UDP-205 with balanced AQ Niagra IC's. If I go with the Ayre again I am looking at the Ayre K5-XeMP Pre-amp. If I go with the Jeff Rowland's I will end up buying a matching Jeff Rowland pre-amp.
So what do you say?, the Ayre is a Black V5-Xe for $2,750 or the Jeff Rowland's 201's for $2,729? I appreciate all of your input!
I vote for Ayre. Zero feedback is a beautiful thing.
They also pair well with Thiel.

Looking forward in reading about which way you go on this journey.
Please join us over on the Thiel Owners thread. Ayre is a sonic match for Thiel speakers. Have fun!

Happy Listening!

which did you choose ?
I would not even think twice.  The 201 were sluggish imo.  
F1wheels:  I have the combo you aspire to own (v-5xe /K5-xeMP and am looking to upgrade, which tells you something.  I find the combo to be a little lean IMO.  I can't comment on the Thiel synergy but if you really desire to stick with Ayre why not try and find a used AX-5 twenty for about the same $ (or slightly more)?